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Balancing Work and Family

Work and family are the two most important things in our daily lives. However, the pull of these two often tears us in different directions. Finding a balance between the two is important for all parents.

Managing the professional and personal side is a source of stress for most of us.

In balancing work and family we often run into conflicting responsibilities. We juggle the roles of both parent and professional.

When the demands of the job come into direct conflict with our family life, or when the conditions of work affect us in other areas then both our work and family life suffer.

Finding the right way to balance work and family.

Balance is not constant, and you have to constantly strive for it. If you find a balance you’ll see that life flows more smoothly. Even if one part of your life breaks down you’ll have the resources to cope with it. You’ll find that you have enough time for work and family.

There isn’t only one way to find balance in your life.

Clarify your values

A value is defined as a principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desired. Knowing what is important to you is one key to keeping afloat in the myriad responsibilities of work and family.

People don’t think about their values until they come into new roles.

Some of our values may be in conflict with others. You may value spending quality time with your children but also find it important to keep a strict work schedule.

When your children take your attention away from your work this can lead to a very stressful situation. If you can see the values you prioritize the most then you can ease some of that stress. Live your core values.

Set your goals

If you had planned to be the CEO by the time you are thirty then it might be time to set your goals differently. To ease the strain between your roles you might want to let go of some of your goals.

Manage your time wisely

Proper time management is the key to being sane if you have a career and a family. Even if you manage to get a few hours of free time, do you spend them worrying about the things you need to do? If you use time efficiently then you can do the things you want to do. This means you have to move towards your goals.

Let go

Being in control of your life doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself. Think about delegating work or giving chores to each family member.  If you understand your emotional ties to some jobs then you can effectively delegate some tasks.

Be creative

There are ways of making it work. Be open to any possibility. Use your best creative thinking to solve your tasks.

Make a move

If you are still finding it hard to find a balance between work and home it might be time for you to consider other career options. You will need to communicate clearly with your boss about the need for time off. You can cut down on your hours or ask to work from home.

Obviously balancing work and family life is different for everyone.

The important thing is knowing your own breaking point. How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to reach the top of the corporate ladder?

In many ways, you are alone on top of the high wire with your family on one side and your career on the other, you can only hope not to fall off.

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