Best Places to Surf In The US

For those who are taking up surfing, it is important to know the best places to engage in the sport. Surfers should know where to find the best locations where they can ride the wave and enjoy a memorable surfing experience.

In the US, there are many various locations that avid surfers may feel quite at home. Here are some of them:

Malibu Beach, California

Malibu beach provides surfers with a chance to enjoy long and high-quality waves during the summer. The beach is ideal for both short and longboard surfing. Along with a great and lively crowd who join in with the fun during the summer, Malibu truly is quite an attraction for surfers looking for a great surf spot as well as some fun in the sun.

Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet, Florida

The Cocoa beach offers an ideal spot for those who prefer longboard surfing. The location is known for its mellower waves that make it an ideal spot even for beginner surfers to improve their skills in riding waves. The beach also has a smaller crowd that allows surfers some room to enjoy surfing at peace. Coca Beach is also home to the world’s most famous surf shop, Ron Jons.

For those who are looking for the best surf breaks, there is Sebastian Inlet, located just south of Cocoa Beach. Sebastian Inlet provides the most consistent surf in the state and draws the largest surfing crowd waiting to try out riding its impressive breaks.

Waikiki, Hawaii

This place is always a part of every surfer list of top places to go and ride the wave. Aside from the allure of the place from the historical standpoint -it has a deep surfing history attached to it- its clear waters, coupled with endless sunshine as well as enormous 20-foot waves make it quite a surfing mecca. It has been like that since surfing was popularized during the 1900s. Waikiki has been and still is one of the top surfing destinations around.

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu has provided many avid surfers with challenges and that is still the appeal that makes surfers come back again and again. In places such as Sunset Beach and North shore, expert surfers have the chance to try out some of the most spectacular waves to ride on. A surfing location usually reserved for experts because of its challenging waves, surfers can experience riding a tubing wave that is formed as powerful swells from deep water break over the shallows. Surfers are able to ride inside the waves as it forms a tube, known also as the famous Banzai Pipeline.

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